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Small Bluetooth Headphones Wrap around Head – Sports Wireless Headset with Built in Microphone and Crystal-Clear Sound, Fold-able and Carried in the Purse, and 12-hour Battery Life, White

  • 【Great if you can't stand earbuds】It would rest outside of your ears instead of within the ear canal. Ergonomic design of this headphone when you are on the treadmill, it stays in place so much better than earbuds. Wearing these with glasses is still comfortable. Would not getting ears ore like with earbuds.
  • 【Extremely lightweight & compact】The headphones are light enough that you don't even notice them when go for a run with them on which makes running easier to get through with my music shuffle. Use these earphones for backs packing and in the gym. Can easily put them in the pocket. Can wear them with your head on a pillow or under a hat.
  • 【Easy to control music & calling】Over the ear headphones have 4 control buttons, not two like in-ear ones. The right-hand earphone has controls to pick up calls, raise or lower volume, and skip ahead or go back a bit. Each button is indicated with a raised dot but if you take a minute to situate your finger on the dial it's easy to navigate. Experience true hands-free calling and enjoy music on the go. Calling is in stereo, call quality sounds like when you are holding a phone.
  • 【Extend usability battery life with top notch sound】Headphones are arrived fully charged and ready to go out of the box. Use it several hours a day and charge it on Monday, the battery would last the whole week.
  • 【Handy case included】The headphones come in a small travel case and the band that goes around the neck maintains a twisted position for compact storage when not being worn.
Q & A

If you want to enjoy the music while still be aware of the surroundings.This is what you hope for!

1.These types of lightweight 'on-the-ear' headphones are designed for comfort.If you do not care for the buds which hurt ears. Nor do you care for the the style of headphones which has cups which envelope your entire ear. These headphones are exactly what you are looking for!Which have soft, foam-covered pads,would rest gently on your ears.

  • You can lay on the pillow and listen to music or talk via Bluetooth at ease.there's nothing sitting in your ear near the ear canal possible effecting your hearing or causing an ear infection.
  • You can still hear if a siren is near or loud noises.

2.On-board buttons make it easy to feel where the buttons are on the right earpiece,feature a built-in mic that allows you to answer calls, as well as that directly control your music.options on the outside of the earpiece. You can answer calls, skip songs, and adjust volume.Mic works very well for either phone or talk to text/Siri.

3.Excellent all purpose Bluetooth headphones, especially for gym users. Never have to worry about the ear pieces falling out.Stay over your ears regardless of what type of workout you are doing.These headphones would also be an indispensable part of your work/office routine.You can listen to them and still hear people talk.

4.The neckband is the only option to run, jump, chop down trees, spend two hours at the gym, headbang, and all while keeping the noise on your ears and not flying off into the scenery.Very light so you are not so aware that you have something on your ears or around your neck. Sweatproof feature,so never need to worry the sweat would get inside the neckband and damage wiring.

5.Fit portable in a small carrying case along with two spare ear foams and usb cable neatly tucked in the mesh pocket.They coil up nicely and fit in a shirt pocket.The size of the carry case is actually convenient as it makes it easy to travel in a laptop case.